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Good Conscience

A good conscience about the impact we have on the environment and community. Genuine sustainability and positive social impacts are at the heart of Hilltop Forest. We’re far from perfect, but every day we take steps to get better and to be genuinely good. 

Social Impact

We proudly buy from local producers and businesses as much as possible. We’ve spent months identifying unique, small and family businesses as our suppliers. Well over 50% of our business partners are small businesses run by women.


Construction and travel is easily a wasteful industry, but we’ve consciously tried to minimise the effects. From healthy wood constructions, modular buildings, plastic free concepts and local contractors, we tried. All our electricity comes from renewable energy contracts.


Why “ish”? We believe small changes will make significant progress. Livestock is one of the largest polluters, which is why Hilltop Forest is vegetarian and largely vegan (but we can’t help ourselves to some cheese though). We use local produces where possible and compost our food waste on site.

Charitable contributions

We donate 1% of our accomodation revenue to environmental charities and 1% of our food & drink revenue to global hunger charities. For transparency we promise to tell you (on instagram) where the donations have been made. A tiny gesture in financial terms but an important stand for the responsibility we believe all businesses have towards the wellbeing of our planet.

Allergic to greenwashing

We have seen too many hotels and resorts call themselves carbon neutral because the size of land/forest they sit on or because the carbon emissions they offset (financially). Hilltop Forest’s 16 hectares of land far offsets the carbon footprint of our resort, and would make for lovely green-marketing. But to be honest, the forest was here far before us and our initiatives for a better planet needs to be greater than hiding behind carbon emission calculators. We call for all businesses to focus on concrete green steps instead of greenwashed numbers!