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hilltop Forest - Craig and Tiia outside the wellness shed

Space creators, good vibe makers.

Hilltop Forest is the creation of us, Tiia & Craig a Finn-Brit couple. After a decade of financial consulting work abroad, we arrived back in Finland with the birth of our son, and with a dream of creating a place and business of our own. Having spent a fair amount of time on the road, living and working in different countries and enjoying different travel concepts, it was time to bring our own ideas to life.

The idea of Hilltop Forest came to us on a flight back from Bali, Indonesia.

We loved the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and local food in some of the villas and resorts, while we cringe at some of the stiff five star hotels which offered a breakfast buffet serving anything from Norwegian salmon to Peking duck (talk about wasteful and complete unnecessary). Ever since that flight, now exactly three years ago, we talked non-stop night-and-day about our interpretation of luxury and a perfect getaway.

Dream. Plan. Do.
(Make many mistakes along the way).

Hilltop Forest is our first creation of what we think an ultimate getaway is. We hope we have created the perfect balance of luxury, nature and those little treats you want on your night away.

From consultants to hoteliers

Our mission is to create spaces to help people rediscover good vibes in their life.

Hilltop Forest is our second newborn (after our son), which we will nourish and grow. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

And look out, there are more exciting new things in the horizon!

From check-in to pizza dough, you’ll always find us about at Hilltop Forest. With eye for detail and passion for the project, we have poured our heart into making sure Hilltop Forest becomes a reality and we couldn’t be more involved in running it.

A warm welcome to Hilltop Forest.

Love, Tiia & Craig