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Hilltop Forest – Privacy & cookies policy


At Hilltop Forest we are committed to protecting our customer’s personal information. We collect data on customers only relevant for the marketing of our business, enhancement of your experience with us and functionality of our website. We handle and process data in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who we are 

The Hilltop Holding Oy (Finnish business ID: 3164679-5) is the data controller.

Address: Metsäkukkulankuja 32, 10230 Inkoo, Finland

Email: office@hilltopforest.fi

Purpose of collecting and processing data

We collect data relevant to the marketing and operations of our business, that is data we consider to be of legitimate interest to us or that which we are legally required to obtain for the purposes of operating a hospitality business here in Finland. The data will be used in the following ways:

– Marketing purposes (for customers that have given their explicit consent)

– Customer relationship management and communication

– Customer experience enhancement 

This data is collected from customers who have shown an interest in our business (e.g. by signing up for our newsletter), have booked a stay with us or have stayed with us previously. We may also hold data from job applicants.

Mainly the data we process is data that has been directly provided to us (voluntarily) by customers. Examples of what this data includes:

– Name 

– Address

– Contact information (email, telephone number)

– Country of residence

Other information may also be provided to us such as an authorisation for the information to be used for marketing purposes (by us), dietary information, etc.

Where do we obtain this information

We use cookies on our website to enhance the user experience; as well as for visitor tracking, statistics and website development. A cookie is a small text file that an internet browser stores on a user’s terminal. Cookies can be permanent (for a defined period of time) or session cookies which expire when the internet browser is closed. Third party cookies may also be used. 

There is a specific notice of the use of cookies on the website, which customers can accept or reject. Alternatively, you can manage the use of cookies in your browser settings.

Customer information may also be provided to us voluntarily directly from the customers by signing up for our newsletter or filing in online forms for the purposes of completing bookings. Alternatively, information may be emailed to us directly from customers.

Users’ personal information is not combined with visitor information. 

Google Analytics tracks and records visitor data by storing cookies on the user’s terminal to analyse the use of the website. The information added to the cookie is transmitted to the service provider and stored on the service provider’s servers. The information is used by Google to evaluate the use of the website. Individual users cannot be identified by this service. Google Inc. also backs up our email system, meaning data shared with us over email will be stored on Google servers. Google services are located inside and outside of the EU. The service provider may disclose the information to third parties if required by law.

Processing & storing of information

All our data processing and storing is done by third parties. In general, we have entrusted these third parties to process and store the data in a secure and compliant way. To the best of our knowledge, all third parties are compliant with the applicable laws and directives from the EU. 

Most of our data is stored in our booking system (Moder Oy). Moder ensures an adequate level of data protection in the processing of data on its own equipment. The processor does not transfer personal data outside the EU. Under no circumstances will the processor disclose personal data to third parties. 

Our newsletter service is provided by mailchimp. 

Your rights

As customers, you have the following rights for your personal information:

– The right of access,

– The right to rectification, and;

– The right to be forgotten


If you wish to see your information, please contact the email address above in section 1. Should you wish any inaccurate or incomplete information stored about you to be changed, please send the request to the same email address. You also have the right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal information, the transfer of your information, the withdrawal of your marketing consent or the prohibition of direct marketing. Requests should be sent to us in writing to the e-mail address provided above.

Changes to our privacy policy 

We are constantly evolving, learning and changing. As we grow and collect more and different types of data, we will surely need to change, improve and update our privacy policy to ensure compliance at all times. We reserve the right to change and update our privacy policy at any time.